The motivation for our vision, and how we structure and form all we do derives from the gospel as our foundation. We must get the flow right. We first start with God, who has most clearly and powerfully revealed himself in Jesus Christ (Gospel). From Jesus only, we rightly learn who we are, both, as individuals and as a community (Identity). Knowing who Jesus is, and who we are in light of Him, we then know how we ought to live. (Rhythms) 


Jesus helped clarify how we accomplish the purpose of the gospel by giving us his mission: “Go and make disciples”. (Matthew 28:19). As the arts, industry, politics, families—all areas of culture—are being filled with Jesus’ disciples bringing about his gospel restoration, the earth is being filled with his glory! That is the point of the restoration of all things—that God would be glorified!

The gospel is not just about my individual happiness or God’s plan for my life. It is about God’s plan for the world. 


The Gospel is the good news that God sent his Son to redeem the world from the effects of sin and create a new humanity. Eventually the whole world will be renewed to the way God originally created it. Rebellion, death, decay, injustice, and suffering will all be removed. When everything is restored, God will be seen by all for who he truly is—he will be glorified. (Ephesians 2:10,14-22; 2 Corinthians 5:15-21; Revelation 21) 


There are many opportunities to serve in our own back yards as well as around the world! Sometimes it's easy to go far and miss what is needed that is so close. We want to love and serve our cities as Jesus did as well as keep our seek ways to GO where God is leading. Here are a few we are partnered with:

  • Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville
  • Love Life Charlotte
  • Reaching and Teaching International Ministry
  • Equipping With Truth Ministries
  • Campus Impact at Mitchell Community College
  • The Upper Room